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Did you know that transforming your smile as an adult may be a bit different than transforming your smile as a child? Well, it’s true! However, even though it’s different, that doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. The differences between the two treatments include:

Adults have different oral health conditions
As the smile ages, the bones become tougher. This makes it a bit difficult to shift and reposition the teeth; therefore, the treatment time for adults may take a bit longer compared to the treatment time for children. Adults also tend to suffer from mild gingivitis infections, bone loss, and aging tissue, which can add further complications to the treatment.

Adults don’t have much room
When an adult has an improper bite, it’s oftentimes difficult to correct it without tooth extraction. This is because adults don’t usually have room in their smiles to effectively change and shift the bite. As a result, orthodontists aim to provide a functional bite rather than a perfect one.

Adults might have extraction issues
Extraction sites are generally difficult to move new teeth into. So, if an adult has extracted a tooth in the past, it is generally recommended to add prosthetic bone to the area. This is a beneficial solution because adult bone does not respond to pressure as well as growing bone does.

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