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Restorative dentistry has made drastic improvements lately, leaving you with more and more procedures to choose from when you need work done to get your smile back to looking amazing.

Two of the most popular methods involve getting a crown or bridge to fix your damaged smile. But do you know why these procedures are popular, or what each one entails? If not, you’re like a lot of other people who’ve never had to have restorative dentistry work done on their teeth. So sit back and read the quick information our team here at Smiley Dental Buckner in Dallas, Texas, put together to help shed some light on this area of dentistry.


If your teeth are chipped, ground down, or the biting surface is otherwise harmed, a crown can restore it to like-new condition. A crown is simply a cap that sits over the damaged portion of your teeth and is cemented into place.


When you have multiple teeth in a row that need attention, a bridge is likely your best option. Bridges are comprised of a series of crowns that restore the function, feel, and look of damaged teeth.

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