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Have you had discoloration or a chipped tooth occur recently, or had a misshapen or stained tooth you’ve wanted fixed forever? Come into our dental office in Dallas, Texas, today for a consultation about a dental veneer! These porcelain shells are a great solution to give you your best smile yet, and here at Smiley Dental Buckner, we strive to provide you that service as well as the best dental care for your mouth.

To give your teeth a natural look, dental veneers are customized to the rest of your smile by comparing the color, size, and shape. Porcelain is typically used to give it a natural look and most durable. Customizations will be sent to a laboratory to be made and your dentist will place a temporary veneer until your next appointment.

Once it is made, the veneer will be sent to your dentist. They will then remove a very small amount of enamel from the tooth, which is then cleaned along with the veneer. After both have completely dried, an adhesive will be placed on the tooth and the veneer placed. This is cemented onto the tooth with special light, and cured for about 60 seconds.

Afterwards, any excess material leftover is taken away and your dentist will do a final polish to give you your new smile! Be sure to go to your dentist for a final appointment to ensure your new veneer’s comfortability.

Give Smiley Dental Buckner a call at 972.616.0060 to make an appointment for a consultation with our dental professionals today. We want to give you your best smile, and a dental veneer can do that to give you a natural and bright smile.