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Are you tired of your misaligned teeth or overbite? The best effective tool to fix your smile are braces! They are the solution to improve your daily dental care for the remainder of your life. They’re not only adjustable for children but for adults as well to get the look and usability of your best smile. Our professional team here in Dallas, Texas, wants you to have the best function in your mouth so you can speak and chew normally.

The application of braces is a fairly simple process. First, a polishing paste is used to clean your teeth completely of any buildup of plaque or other material. Brackets are then bonded to the teeth in the front and back. Metal bands are put onto the brackets to form the arch of your smile. Rubber bands are then placed to keep the metal bands down. You can use fun colors or clear ones to give you the design you desire.

When you experience discomfort after the first application, do not be alarmed. This is simply your teeth adjusting to the new pressure in your mouth. The first alarming pressure you feel will go away and you will get used to the small amount of pressure placed on your teeth. It’s the process of getting your best smile!

Make sure to clean your braces thoroughly every single day to ensure you do not get any infections, decay, or plaque buildup. If this occurs, the braces process will take longer in order to repair the natural teeth. Give Smiley Dental Buckner a call at 972.616.0060 today to schedule a consultation or appointment for your straightest and best smile!