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Habits formed in your child’s early years can make or break a lifetime of healthy dental hygiene. When your child is young, they will not be able to care for their own dental hygiene: this means that you will need to help them care for their teeth and gums.

Cleaning your child’s teeth is important to their overall health. Each tooth needs to be cleaned well to remove plaque and lodged debris which can form cavities. You should also take your child to see your local pediatrician before they reach their first birthday.

Brushing is also important for small children, even when they have only one tooth. Use an ADA-approved toothpaste with fluoride, and use only a small dab of it each time you help your child brush their teeth. For children aged 0–2, use a dab the size of a rice grain; for children 3–5, use a dab the size of a pea. It’s also important to give your child their very own toothbrush: never share a toothbrush with your child.

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